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Ancient Chinese Military and Warfare


There is a long history behind the emergence of weapons in ancient China. In the Shaolin Temples, new fighting styles were always being practiced and developed with the observation of outsiders that were then passed down through countless hours of practice. In warfare for example, you will see that the weapons change in shape with time and the reign of new dynasties. Through the reign of new dynasties, laws prohibiting commoners to posses weapons lead to the use of everyday work items in conjunction with their fighting. Dynasties like the Ching was one that prohibited weapons. Thus the umbrella, stool, staff, whip, pitchfork and sicle served as useful weapons of choice.


King Yue - Gojian's jian, Spring and Aotumn Period, 55.7cm, unearth from Hubei

King Wu - Gelu's jian, Spring and Aotumn Period, 50.7cm, unearth from Shanxi

Fanyang Jian, Warring States Period, 45 cm, unearthed from Henan Province

Chanhou Jian, Warring States Period, 62.2 cm, unearth Hunan Province

Yin and Yang short pair of jian, Spring and Aotumn Period, 21.6cm, unearth from internal Mengoliya

Brief History of Chinese Military and Warfare