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Ancient Chinese Military and Warfare


Chariots and Flags


In ancient Chinese military warfare, its not surprizing that chariots were one of the most important parts of a battle. The chariots provided speed with the power of and not limited to 4 horses that pulled a heavily armed soldier. This would inflict deadly blows toward the army's enemies by easily bulldowzing through people on foot. Although chariots were a marvel of its time, more traditional horse riding was important to obtain victory.
It seems that a dynasty's strength was portrayed simply in the numbers of men put into battle, but uniform display of decorated armor would be used to intimidate the opposing force. Another form of display is the use of flags captured from previous battles to signify their surperiority.
Flags were an important part of fighting a battle. The military leaders relied on their important purpose of staging new phases in the battle. They would be used to signal reinforcments and tell the archers an appropriate time to fire their weapon. By staging battle sequences, this allowed military leaders to learn new strategies to do more damage with less men.

Brief History of Chinese Military and Warfare